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Thioflex 600 Joint Sealants

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Product Brochure
Packaging Size4 Ltr
Packaging TypeTin
FormMulti-part,Paste compound
Application IndustryJointing
Surface Of ApplicationConcrete
Density1.62 kg/liter
Operating Temperature-20- +60 Degree C
Pot Life2 hours at 25deg C
Solid Content100%
Flash PointOver 65deg C
Physical And Chemical ChangesChemical Cure
Application Temperature5 - 50 Degree C
FlammabilityBurns but Does Not Readily Support Combustion

Sealing movement joints in building and civil engineering structures, including superstructures, floors, basements and subways.


  • Meets key international standards
  • Forms a tough, elastic, rubber-like seal
  • Accommodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movement
  • Excellent adhesion to most common substrates, including primed concrete, glass, aluminium and stainless steel
  • High resistance to ageing reduces physical damage due to climatic extremes

Thioflex 600 is available in gun and pouring grades. The gun grade is ideal for general application. It is packed in a ready to mix, 2.5-litre tin containing the base and curing agent in the correct proportions. The pouring grade for joints in horizontal surfaces is supplied in 5-litre packs with the base and curing agent in separate tins. Thioflex 600 is particularly recommended for use in high-rise buildings and other applications where access for subsequent maintenance will be difficult and the risk of early movement failure must be minimised. It is also suitable for sealing joints in brickwork, retaining walls, basements and subways. Thioflex 600 pouring grade is recommended for initial sealing of expansion joints and stress relief joints in floors and sealing other horizontal surfaces.

Design criteria
Thioflex 600 may be applied to joints between 5 and50 mm wide. Joints which are expected to experience cyclic movements should be designed to an optimum width : depth ratio of 2: 1, subject to the overriding recommended minimum sealant depths set out below:5 mm for metals, glass and other non-porous surfaces, 10 mm for all porous surfaces, 20 mm for trafficked joints and those subject to hydrostatic pressures. To ensure that the sealant remains within its stated movement capacity (25% MAF), sealing slot widths should be designed in accordance with the recommendations of BS 6093. The use of a surface primer is always required on porous surfaces. On non-porous surfaces, a primer is not normally required except where glass or glazed surfaces are to be permanently immersed in water.

Application instructions Joint preparation
The joint surfaces must be thoroughly dry, clean and frost free. Remove all dust and laitance by rigorous wire brushing, grinding or grit blasting. Remove all rust, scale and protective lacquers from metal surfaces. Remove any oil or grease with Fosroc
Equipment Cleaner.

Any expansion joint filler must be checked to ensure it is tightly packed and no gaps or voids exist at the base of the sealing slot before positioning a bond breaker. Note: The use of a bond breaker is not required in expansion joints containing Hydrocell XL or Expandafoam cellular polyethene expansion joint fillers. For construction or contraction joints a bond breaker tape or backup strip should be used. Where hydrostatic pressure exists, only bond breaking tapes must be used, not foamed back-up strips. Where a particularly neat finish is required, mask the face edges of the joint before priming and remove immediately after tooling is completed.

When Fosroc Primers 4 or 7 are required, these should be used as follows: Fosroc Primer 4: For use on glass and ceramics which are to be permanently immersed in water. It is one part chemically active clear liquid for brush or pad application. One thin coat should be applied and allowed to dry for 2 to 5 minutes prior to sealant application.

Fosroc Primer 7
: It is one part chemically active clear liquid for brush application to concrete, stone, brickwork, timber and unglazed edges of ceramic tiles. One thin coat should be applied using a clean, dry brush, ensuring complete coverage. Avoid over priming resulting in an excess of primer in the base of the joint or application beyond faces.

Nitoseal PU 280

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Product Brochure
Model NumberNitoseal PU 280
Packaging Size4 Kg
Packaging TypeTin
Application IndustryJointing
Grade StandardChemical
Shelf Life12 months
Service Temperature-10 Degree C to 70 Degree C
Shore 'A' Hardness60-80
Application Temperature+5 Degree C to 45 Degree C
Specific Gravity1.31

Nitoseal PU280 two-part pouring grade sealant is formulatedfrom a blend of epoxy and urethane polymers. The mixedsealant is self levelling and can be poured directly into horizontal joints to form a tough resilient seal possessing a limiteddegree of fl exibility. Nitoseal PU280 is available in a range ofattractive colours with a separate colour pack providing visualmixing control.

For sealing internal floor joints subject to heavy industrial use in factories, food processing areas, warehouses and maintenance facilities. Particularly suitable for sawn joints in long strip flooring and other large internal areas.


  • Load bearing for support of arises under heavy wheel load.
  • Good resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbon fuels.
  • Excellent adhesion without primer to dry clean concrete.
  • Pouring grade ensures ease of placing.
  • Suitable for use in wide joints.
  • Self levelling to produce uniform and neat joints.

Fosroc Color 200 Pf

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Product Brochure
Packaging Size3 Ltr
Packaging TypeTin
Application IndustryJoint Sealant, Joint filling
Surface Of ApplicationRCC
Grade StandardIndustrial
Material CompatibilityRCC
Chemical TypePolyurethane
Chemical ResistanceWater
Temperature ResistanceTo avoid unacceptably prolonged cure times, do not apply at temperatures below 5 DegreeC

Colpor 200PF is a two -component        cold applied, high performance, pavement joint sealant, conforming to the requirements of BS EN14188-2:2004 and BS5212 Part 1:1990.

Colpor 200PF is flow applied into the joint either directly from the can or using a sealant gun. It retains movement accommodation of 25% on butt joints throughout the extremes of temperature and does not harden in cold weather nor become excessively soft, or pick up in hot conditions.

Fosroc Colpor 200PF Joint Sealants

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Product Brochure
Packaging Size5 Liter
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
Model NumberColpor 200PF
Cold Applied Joint Sealant TypeSelf levelling (sl-type)
Cold Applied Joint Sealant ClassClass B, C and D
Artificial Weathering by UV Irradiation=< + 20%
Cold Applied Joint Sealant SystemTwo-component (M)
Packing TypeAvailable in Tin Can, Tin Bucket
Resistance To FlameNo Flow, Cracking, Flaking, Hardening, Ignition
Resistance to Deformation Elastic Recovery> 70%
Joint Sealant TypeSelf levelling (sl-type)

Colpor 200PF Joint Sealants is a two component cold applied pouring grade joint sealant for pavement joints. It is flow applied into the joint either directly from the can or using a sealant gun.

Colpor 200PF retains its movement accommodation of 25% on butt joints throughout the extremes of temperature, it does not harden in cold weather nor become excessively soft, or pick up in hot conditions.

Colpor 200PF is resistant to jet blast and is suitable for concrete runways and hard standings. Colpor 200PF is suitable for areas where fuel spillage is likely

Uses :-

  • For the sealing and maintenance of joints in concrete roads, concrete runways and hard standings. Colpor 200PF is particularly suitable for sealing areas where fuel and oil spillage might occur such as aircraft hardstanding areas, oil terminals, garage forecourts, parking and cargo bays.

  • High durability and long service life
  • High movement accommodation 
  • Cold applied — no heating equipment required
  • Fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid resistance
  • Jet blast resistant

Nitoseal PU 40

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Product Brochure
Model NumberNitoseal PU 40
Packaging Size12L
Packaging TypeBag
Application IndustryJointing
Surface Of ApplicationSealing Joints In Concrete
FormSmooth, Non- Slumping Paste
Shelf Life12 months
Application Temperature5 Degree C to 50 Degree C
Hardness at 20 Degree CShore A 25
UV ResistanceVery Good
Service Temperature Range-40 degree C to 70 Degree C

Nitoseal PU40 is a one part, low       modulus gun grade elastomeric sealant based on polyurethane technology. Nitoseal PU40 maybe applied to joints between 5 and 35mm wide. To minimisestress imposed on the joint sealant, all moving joints shouldbe designed to an optimum width to depth ratio of 2:1 with anoverriding minimum depth of 5mm for non-porous surfaces and 10mm for porous surfaces. For joint widths exceeding 35mm, please contact your localFosroc Technical Service Department.

Uses:Nitoseal PU40 is suitable for sealing joints in concrete, brickwork, blockwork, precast panels, stone cladding, perimeter sealing around doors and windows, and non trafficked floor joints.


  • Adhesion to most common building materials
  • Single component with fast rate of cure
  • Easy to apply
  • UV resistant
  • Primerless for most applications (see “Priming”)
  • Available in a range of colours
  • ISO11600:2002 Type F 25LM compliant


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