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Waterproofing Coating Chemical

Prominent & Leading Authorized Wholesale Dealer from Pune, we offer fosroc hydroproof xtra, nitcote wall guard acrylic waterproof coating, supercast sw20 joint sealant, nitocote cm210 elastomeric cementitious coating, brushbond rfx elastomeric cementitious waterproof coating and fosroc decofill acrylic crack filling sealant.

Fosroc Hydroproof Xtra


Fosroc Hydroproof Xtra
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Approx. Rs 3,500 / DrumGet Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Usage/ApplicationRoofs, Terraces , Balconies, Pools and Fountains
Packaging Size20L
Shelf Life12 months
Water Absorption1% max
Pot Life30 min at 30 deg C
Application TemperatureGreater than 10 deg C
Bond Strength to ConcreteApprox 1 N/mm2
Coverage (Priming coat)16-17m2 / L
Coverage(Topcoat )4.5 - 5.0m2 / L

Hydroproof Xtra is formulated to be mixed with cement on site or simply brush applied over concrete or masonry surfaces to provide an effective waterproof membrane.

  • Provides an effective and economical method of waterproofing to concrete and masonry surfaces, by mixing with cement and application by brush.


  • Non - toxic, non-fl ammable and user friendly.
  • Provides a tough, impermeable waterproof membrane.
  • Can be applied by brush, on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces.
  • Protects concrete and mortar  from natural elements  such as  wind, rain, sunlight.
  • Breathable - allows inside water vapour to escape.
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Nitcote Wall Guard Acrylic Waterproof Coating


Nitcote Wall Guard Acrylic Waterproof Coating
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Approx. Rs 3,600 / DrumGet Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Packaging Size20 ltr
Packaging TypeBucket
Tensile StrengthMin 2 N/mm2
Specific Gravity1.29
NatureSingle component
AppearanceEmulsion paint available in white & dark bases
ElongationMin 100%
Breathability22 gm/m2/day
Adhesion Strength1.3 N/mm2

  • Provides a high-quality effective waterproofing cum decorative coating for the exterior wall.
  • Prevents dampness of external wall subjected to severe weather in a coastal environment.
  • Ideally suitable for coating on all type of external masonry surfaces, concrete, cement sand renderings etc.


  • High build film - Higher film thickness provides tough waterproof membrane ensuring no ingress of water with standing wind-driven rain.
  • Highly flexible - Accommodates movement in the structure covers hairline cracks(up to 0.5 mm).
  • Elongation-Easily accommodates movement of thermal expansion & contraction.100% elongation at 110-120 micron DFT cracks bridging in excess of 0.5mm.
  • Ready to use – Dilution is not required.
  • UV stability – Resistance to UV rays.
  • Anti-dirt – low dirt pick up & can be cleaned easily.
  • Breathability – Allow internal moisture to escape.
  • Ease of application – User-friendly product, easily applicable by brush, roller or spray.
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Supercast SW20 Joint Sealant


Supercast SW20 Joint Sealant
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Approx. Rs 360 / MeterGet Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Packaging Size5 Mtr
Packaging TypeRoll
FormRectangular Section Elastomeric Strips
Shelf Life12 Months
Size10mm X 20mm
Solids Content100%
Hardness Shore 'A25 to 35
Unrestrained Volumetric ExpansionUp to 300%
Application Temperature Range-20 Degree to 50 degree C
Service Temperature Range-30 Degree to 70 degree C
Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance100 metres (10 bar)


  • Integral sealing for construction joints in concrete cast where conventional waterstops are impractical to use because of limited access.
  • Convenient and problem solving in situations where a conventional waterstop would require complex shuttering.
  • Typical uses include secant piled and diaphragm walled basements, pile caps and casting against old concrete.
  • Supercast SW20 Joint Sealant can provide simple solutions to detailing pipe entries, construction joints in the vertical plane and to kicker joints.
  • Can be linked to Supercast PVC*† waterstops to give an effective combination of waterstops which maintain network continuity.


  • Easy to install by bonding, nailing or casting into joint faces.
  • Factory made connectors enable full integration of Supercast SW20 and Supercast PVC networks.
  • Solves detailing problems in conjunction with Supercast PVC range.
  • Swelling properties unaffected by long term wet/dry cycling.
  • Tolerant of salts present in concrete and ground water.
  • Sustains effective seal in wet conditions


PVC Waterstop Networks

  • This allows the use of Supercast PVC for expansion joints and Supercast SW20 for construction joints all the time maintaining an integrated network.
  • The Supercast SW20 is made from high performance synthetic elastomer strips. The swelling action is the result of contact between water and hydrophilic groups which are part of the Supercast SW20 ''Basic Polymer'' molecular structure.



Supplier specification:-

Water swellable - Basic Polymer - hydrophilic waterstop (and attachments) where shown on the drawings, shall be Fosroc Supercast SW20 obtained from Fosroc. It shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s current application instructions.

Performance specification

  • Water swellable - Basic Polymer - hydrophilic waterstop, where shown on the drawings, shall be made from a preformed elastomeric strip which can integrate into existing waterstop networks.
  • It shall be free from rubber, bentonite or other inclusions.
  • The waterstop shall have an unrestrained volumetric expansion of upto 300%.
  • It must not deteriorate under prolonged wet/dry cycling.
  • It must be able to withstand a hydrostatic head of 100 metres (10 bars).
  • It shall be used in accordance with the methods given in the manufacturer’s current data sheet.
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Nitocote CM210 Elastomeric Cementitious Coating


Nitocote CM210 Elastomeric Cementitious Coating
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Approx. Rs 1,380 / PackGet Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Usage/ApplicationElastomeric cementitious coating
Packaging Size23 Kg
Coverage AreaBrush, roller, trowel application - 10.8 - 11.7 m2 per 23 kg, Spray application - 9 - 11.7 m2
TypePowder & liquid
ColorWhite, Gray
Coverage3.8 kg/m2
Packaging TypeBag & Container
Shelf Life12 months

  • Nitocote CM210 Elastomeric Cementitious Coating provides a cementitious, elastomeric coating with inherent crack-bridging ability.

Typical applications include:
  • Potable water retaining structures.
  • Potable water excluding structures.
  • Internal basement waterproofing.
  • Drainage culverts.
  • Wet areas: Kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms
  • Foundations in contact with ground water under saline conditions

  • Withstands high positive and negative hydrostatic pressures
  • Excellent crack accommodation before and after immersion
  • Approved for use in contact with potable water
  • Excellent bond to concrete and masonary
  • Long working life
  • Easy application by brush, trowel or spray
  • Bonds to green or damp concrete
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Brushbond RFX Elastomeric Cementitious Waterproof Coating


Brushbond RFX Elastomeric Cementitious Waterproof Coating
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Approx. Rs 1,550 / PackGet Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Packaging Size15 kg+5 Kg
Coverage Area12 - 14m2 (15kg + 4.8 L pack)
Shelf Life12 months
Mixed Density1.68g/cc (brushable consistency)
Pot Life30 min @ 27 deg C
TemperatureNot less than 10 deg C
Packaging TypeBag
Static Crack Accommodation1 mm

  • Brushbond RFX Elastomeric Cementitious Waterproof Coating is an high performance elastomeric cementitious coating used for waterproofing and to protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, oxygen & water.
  • Brushbond RFX Elastomeric Cementitious Waterproof Coating is suitable for all types of structures including those in coastal environments.
  • The product can be used on concrete, brick and blockwork substrates and is equally suitable for new and existing structures. 
  • The product is designed to reface and even out variations in concrete and masonry surfaces and bridge shrinkage cracks. 
  • It provides a seamless, flexible waterproof coating suitable for water tanks, reservoirs, drainage culverts basements and roofs. 
  • The product provides a tough durable water resistant coating which can withstand light pedestrian traffic and also has excellent weather resistance for exterior applications.


  • Excellent    barrier    to     carbon    dioxide,    chlorideand  sulphate  ions.
  • Allows  water  vapour  to  escape  from  the  structure.
  • Waterproof-suitable  for  water  retaining  structures.
  • High  resistance  to  the  effect  of  long-term  weathering,durable  in  all  climate  conditions  including  UV  attack.
  • Non toxic - ideal  for potable water tanks.
  • Flexible,  with  thermal  expansion  similar  to  concrete.
  • Excellent  bond  to  concrete  and  masonry.
  • Good  crack  accommodation  capacity.
  • Minimum  surface  preparation  needed  and  low  labourcosts.
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Fosroc Decofill Acrylic Crack Filling Sealant


Fosroc Decofill Acrylic Crack Filling Sealant
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Approx. Rs 270 / LitreGet Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Packaging Size20 Kg
Packaging TypeBucket
Density1.70 kg / litre at 25deg C
Application IndustryGrouting
Surface Of ApplicationCeramic
Shelf Life12 Months
Solids Content85%
Physical or Chemical ChangeCuring By Loss Of Water
Application Temperature5-40 deg C
Skinning Time15-45 Minutes Dependent on Thickness, Ambient Temperature and Humidity
Cure Rate3-5 Days Depending on Thickness,Ambient Temperature and Humidity
Water ImmersionWill resist water when cured but not suitable for immersed joints
Typical Hardness Shore A30

  • Wall/ceiling angles, cornices
  • Door and window frame surrounds
  • Fitted furniture
  • Skirtings
  • Staircases
  • Replacement window installations

  • Easy to apply and finish
  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials
  • Fast setting
  • Non-staining
  • Flexible seal
  • Can be overpainted or papered

  • It is very quick and easy to apply and can be finished or smoothed off with a spatula or a damp sponge. 
  • It sets quickly on the application and will accept paint or wallpaper finishes.
  • Typical uses for Fosroc Decofill Acrylic Crack Filling Sealant are gaps between skirtings, window and door frames, fitted furniture units and ceiling cornices and adjacent plasterwork. 
  • Where replacement windows are installed Decofill acrylic sealant can be used to make good between new frames and interior plasterwork.

Design criteria:
Joint size:
  • Decofill acrylic sealant is primarily applied as a triangular fillet into angles. Gaps up to 25mm wide can be filled using Decofill acrylic sealant without slumping although the larger volume of the compound will take longer to set and will give some shrinkage on the setting, forming a concave surface.

Specification clause:
  • The flexible filler for interior gaps and cracks shall be a Decofill Acrylic Sealant, which shall exhibit excellent adhesion to most building materials and compatible for application over walls/ceiling cornices, door and window frame surrounds, fitted furniture, skirtings, staircase, etc., easily applied and finished. 
  • It shall be fast setting, non-staining, and form a flexible seal, which can be overpainted or papered just after 8 hours at 30 deg C. Cured Decofill Acrylic Sealant shall have a Shore 'A' hardness of about 30, and resist water.
  • It shall fully cure by the loss of water. 
  • It shall have a solids content minimum of 80% and maximum density of about 1.7 kg/ liter at 25 deg C and shall be easily applied with the help of a sealant gun.

  • Surfaces shall be clean, dry and free from grease. 
  • Fosroc Decofill Acrylic Crack Filling Sealant adheres to most materials common in the building industry including concrete, brickwork, plaster, wood and glazed tiles.
  • Priming is not normally required
  • Fosroc Decofill Acrylic Crack Filling Sealant should not be used in poorly ventilated spaces or in prolonged high humidity conditions.
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Fosroc Nitocote SN522 Silicone Water Repellent


Fosroc Nitocote SN522 Silicone Water Repellent
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Product Brochure
Product Details:
Application SurfaceBrick
Packaging Size20 Ltr
Packaging TypeDrum
Coverage Area4.5 to 9 m2 per Liters
Shelf Life6 months
FeaturesWater Resistance, Inflammable
Form Of ChemicalLiquid
CategoryWater Repellent Coating
Flash Point38 Degree C
Model Name / NumberNitocote SN522

Fosroc Nitocote SN522 Silicone Water Repellent is  supplied  as  a  colourless,ready to use,  silicone resin solution which can be sprayed orbrush  applied  onto  the  surface.


  • It is used to provide water repellent surface with improved self cleaning properties on exterior building - brick work, concrete, cement rendering, natural or cast stone. Helps in reducing efflorescence due to soluble salts in brickwork.

  • Ready to use: Brush or spray applied direct from  container.
  • Versatile: Equally effective on old or new  surfaces.
  • Self-cleaning: Unaffected by  salt-laden atmosphere,reduces  unsightly  staining.
  • Protects  brickwork:  Risk  of  efflorescence  is  reduced.
  • Protects  concrete:  Reduces  causes  of  cracking  andcrazing in in-situ or precast concrete
  • Colourless:  Preserves natural colour and texture ofcreated material.  Allows surface to breathe.
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